Thursday, September 24, 2009

February block almost done

Well here is February block. I only have the green patch at the top to finish after I finish sewing on the red and white across the red patch. That red and white trim is from Ati in Norway. My Great-Great-Great grandfather was from Norway so I love it. The shell is my 1st attempt at painting motifs. I don't think it turned out too bad. I have to get busy and make March's "nekkid" block. I am going to try and do that this weekend. Rebecca

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

February Block

Ok I tried to post and the computer ate it I think so here I go again. I have not posted for a long time but here is the 2nd block of my large crazy quilt. Of Course the month is February. The center says." Heaven and Earth shall pass away, but MY words shall not pass away. I have almost all the seams finished. After I finish them I will be starting on the patches. I am thinking that a few of the patches I will not "fancy up" cause I love the fabric. One is the yellow oriental patch above the orange patch. Another is the one that has the "ferns". Also the purple patch at the top of the block.

This the final on the January block. At the top I finished with a counted cross stitch Humming Bird over a Flower. I worked the design over waste canvas then took the threads out of the waste canvas. I love the design but it took a long time to work up. I might do more cross stitch on some of the other blocks we will see.
This is Kathy Shaw's block from the Royal Blue group of the Crazy Quilting for Newbies. This is the final stop befor the block goes home to Kathy. I worked the gathered ribbon with the buttons, the paisley, the knoted seam treatments at the bottom with the daisy type flower. I also worked a seamtreatment below the lace but it doesn't show up too good. I hope Kathy likes what I did to her block.

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

More on my January block

Here is the photo that I put on my huge project . The picture is of our oldest son. He is in the airforce. So of course I added the little plane .
Here is the little rose I added with some yellow and blue beads. You can see several of the seam treatments on this shot. The blue under the tan patch is a new knot stitch I have learned todo. Next time I will work it in ribbon so the detail will show up good.
In this picture I am showing off several things. The rose patch has thin gold thread worked over parts of the flowers.
The very handsome man in the picture is my sweet Hubby. He is now home from his deployment in
Afghanistan. The pin at the bottom of his picture says "Operation Enduring Freedom"

On both pictures I wanted them to stand out a bit so I added just a bit of fluff under the pictures so they "puff" up just a tiny bit. This last shot shows the entire block as a whole. I only have 7 patches and I will be finished. I have the next "nekkid" block almost ready to go.

Here is Randi's block in the Blue's RR. I worked the blue paisley in the center. The center of the paisley is filled with blue ribbon roses. I also made the blue "flowering" button vine bush on the side.
The blue square design seam treatment is also part of my work with the ribbon seam treatment on the bottom.
I hope she likes it.

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Cris's blue and January

Well here is what I have done soo far on my large project. I have thought that I will make it in 12 blocks.I will try and post what I am doing on it. The ribbon by the teal green patch says " Operation Iraqi Freedom" and it is really a Key fob!!!! I picked it because my hubby (Army) served 12 months in Iraq and my Oldest son ( Airforce) had a short tour there as well.
I thought that I would, on each block put something special.
Several of my crazy Quilting friends outside of the US has sent me wonderful wonderful goodies from their different countries.
The center Blue patch says " January, I will bless the LORD at all times, HIS praise shall continually be in my mouth. Psalm 34:1".
On the Center of each block I will pick a favorite verse from the King James Version of the Bible.
I am also trying to make it so that all the seams have DIFFERENT seam treatments. That will be a challange! Now there might be repeats in the total quilt but I am trying to make it so that no seam treatment is used twice on the same block.
As you can see I have a HUGE way to go but I think this will be neat to use as a teaching tool for my "someday" grandchildren or even to take to the guild and show off. Right now I am the only one who crazy quilts. The rest are "sane' quilters, I also do "sane" quilting but I love love the no rules of crazy quilting.

This is Cris's blue block from the Royal Blue group of the Blue RR in CQ for Newbies group I am in. I hope she likes it. I made the paisley . It was an experiment ,but I like the way it turned out. I really really hope she does not mind me experimenting on her block. Above the paisley I worked a wheel design with beads in the center. I am sorry it doesn't show up in the picture. I also did the seam treatment below the blue velvet. The beads are really blue sequins with light blue seed beads on top. The spider rose I made with 2 different blue ribbons so it is a bi- colored blue rose.

On a different subject. I have Wonderful, Wonderful news. My Hubby is coming home from his deployment!!!!! He has been stationed in Afghanistan for the past 15 months. We only have a tad over one month then he will be comming home! I am getting soo excited.

Friday, March 13, 2009

A finish, A new and A blue

Here is a new project. It will be taking me quite a while I am sure to make it. I am wanting a twin size crazy quilt so this is the 1st block. I am not sure why I want one that big but I do. I think it will make a nice wall covering and a nice conversation piece.

Here is my Blue block for the Royal Blue Group in Crazy Quilting for Newbies group. That is one Huge RR. I am the hostess and there are 36.. yes I said 36 ladies in 6 groups. So far it is running very well I am proud to say. My block has a blue bow and a Blue Beaded seam treatment that didn't show up in the picture.

Here is my latest finish. It is a twin size and the 1st one that I did on my short arm quilting machine. Shirlene ( a friend of mine here in TX) gave the top to me cause she said it had tooo much purple. I am one that says you cannot have too much purple sooo I am feeling like I am the lucky one.

Here is the Sunbonnet Sue that is going to Sandy in the QATW group. The theme was April Showers so of course I had to make her with an umprella to keep her dry . I like the way it turned out.

Monday, February 23, 2009

Fab1ST timers

Here is a detail show of a fan that I made on a block ( more details on that below) I also made the red and yellow seam treatment. It is supposed to look like yellow ornaments on a red ribbon.. I like the way it turned out.

Since this block is going to Japan I had to make this little Oriental lady to go on the block. and behind her is the red wheel seam treatment with a Red " curtain" behind her. I think she is cuuuute.

And here is a picture of the final block that is on its way to Hideko in Japan. ( Crazy Quilting International Novice group). It is in the Fab. 1st timers #4 RR. As well as the fan and seam treatment on the top patch and the oriental lady and wheel seam treatment on the bottom block ,I also attached the few things on the striped block. You cannot have Christmas with out lights so I added the 2 Christmas lights and the 2 Gingerbread people. I hope Hideko loves the block. The full block is a true beauty to see

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

More yellows and Vera's block

Here is Vera Ellen's block for the CQNovice Group. I was the 1st one to work on her block. That is always a challenge for me. I Did a celtic knot on one seam,the punchwork flowerbasket,the wheelseam treatment. I also made the V and the E for her Name. I hope she likes.

This is Pat's block in the Yellow swap in the Newbies group. I worked a celtic heart in the bottom corner. I also added the yellow crochet pieces. I also added the cast-on seam treatment right above the scallops with the large gold beads.

New Toy and latest finish

Check out my new toy. It is a short Arm quilting machine. It is a "new to me" gently used machine and I am thrilled to be the next owner of it. I am still learning to use it but already love it. While I am learning all the things about the machine our dogs are getting spoiled. I am practicing on new doggy blankets "quilts" for them. We have three dogs soo lots of practice.

Here is the next Sue to go to Veronica in QATW quilt group. She is straight. I just had the block laying down funny. She is for March .

Here is my latest finish in Crazy quilting. She is a little picture. Only about 10 inches square but I like her . She is now hanging above my window in my sewing room.

And This is my latest finish in Regular quilting. I had the quilting all finished on this before I got my new quilting machine. This was a real work to do on the sewing machine. Yep I did this on just a regular sewing machine!! And the size.... Well it is Huge!! I made it so that the quilt hangs down almost to the floor on my bed.

The Bed is a Queen so I guess that makes this about a King size quilt. Here is a closeup of the quilting of the plain blocks. There is also cables going up the sides... three rows on each side. I was happy when this was done and my sewing machine was in need of a rest!!

Monday, January 19, 2009

Sues and a Crazy block

This is the Febuary Sunbonnet Sue block I made for my QATW Group. It is going to Veronica. I hope she like her Lovers.

This crazy quilting block is for the international newbies group. It is Suzanne's block and is just beautiful
I added the pale pink Cameo, the bit of pink lace, the rose dragonfly, and the beads on the darker lace. Also it doesn't show up in the picture but I added Bullions to the centers of the 4 large roses.

Monday, January 5, 2009

more yellows.

This is Dalette's block of the Yellows for the Crazy Quilting for Newbies group on yahoo. I was the 2nd person to work on the block. It has 2 more people to go before it goes home to Dalette. I made her a flock of butterflies in the bottom corner patch. Above that I made a couple of button flowers. I also made the lace and button butterfly. There are 2 seam treatments that I worked on. One is under the button flowers and the other one is the one that had the gold dragon fly across it.

This next block belongs to Angela in the yellows swap. It is going home to her.
I was the last person to work on it. I made her some button flowers. and then filled the gold patch ( below the shiney one) with yellow french knots. I also did the feather/bead seam on the left and the half wheel button hole stitch at the bottom ( it doesn'd show up good in the picture.)

This block is Tami's block. It will be going to Hideko in Japan. It is from the Crazy Quilting International group. I was the 2nd person that worked on this block. I made a climbing rose bush in the bright pink patch. There is a beaded Rose ( looks white in the picture) in the bottom left corner. Above the rose I made a woven ribbon seam treatment. Above that on the teal patch I put a bit of white lace. I beaded some of that with pink beads. Another seam treatment that is not showing up good is a fan one that has pink beads in the centers.