Tuesday, February 10, 2009

New Toy and latest finish

Check out my new toy. It is a short Arm quilting machine. It is a "new to me" gently used machine and I am thrilled to be the next owner of it. I am still learning to use it but already love it. While I am learning all the things about the machine our dogs are getting spoiled. I am practicing on new doggy blankets "quilts" for them. We have three dogs soo lots of practice.

Here is the next Sue to go to Veronica in QATW quilt group. She is straight. I just had the block laying down funny. She is for March .

Here is my latest finish in Crazy quilting. She is a little picture. Only about 10 inches square but I like her . She is now hanging above my window in my sewing room.

And This is my latest finish in Regular quilting. I had the quilting all finished on this before I got my new quilting machine. This was a real work to do on the sewing machine. Yep I did this on just a regular sewing machine!! And the size.... Well it is Huge!! I made it so that the quilt hangs down almost to the floor on my bed.

The Bed is a Queen so I guess that makes this about a King size quilt. Here is a closeup of the quilting of the plain blocks. There is also cables going up the sides... three rows on each side. I was happy when this was done and my sewing machine was in need of a rest!!


Thelma said...

Such beautiful quilts,,and I love your new toy!! You can get some quilts out now for sure. Although from what I saw you were doing a great job quilting on your sewing machine.

kerrykatiecakeskeb43 said...

Rebecca - look at you go, girl! Wow! I wish I could get a fraction of amount you accomplish done! And it is all so lovely! I really love your "regular quilt"! You did beautiful quilting on it and it inspires me to think you did this on your sewing machine!