Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Here is my "Here Kitty Kitty" Wall hanging. It is made from the 2 blocks I had in the Kitty RR. I just love it. The funny thing is .. I am more of a Dog lover then a Kitty lover but this is too cute. Thanks to all of you that worked on it.

Here is 6 of the ATC's that I am done with. They are for a swap in CQ for Newbies. I have a bit more time so I am going to try and make a few more. Working in small size is a real challenge for me. These all measure just 2.5 x3.5 .

Now I have to work more on the RR blocks I have. I have started one more spot on the BeadedRR block I have. And I have a Your Favorite Song block to work on. So back to work.

Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Beaded work.

Here is Kerry's block from the Crazy quilting International Group I am in. The RR is a Beaded one. A new challange for me. I did two spots.

Here is one spot. I should have zoomed in a bit more . I am just figuring out how to do stuff like that.

The flower is all beaded...Green beads for the leaves. And Pink for the flower

and the Bud. The Seam treatment is
Rick Rack with Green beads crossing the "Hills". On th next spot I worked flowers in beads. The thing in the middle is another flower all worked in beads.
Ok so my pictures are not the best. But I don't think the beaded part is too bad for my 1st time in a beaded RR. I know by the end of it I will have gotten lots of more ideas and be able to to more. ( Maybe even take better pictures!). I just recieved Lesa's block from Your favorite song Swap and I already know what I am going to do on it soooo soon I can try again with the pictures.

Monday, February 18, 2008

Another day

No pics for today but I have started the beaded RR. I have one corner done. I am thinking of doing one more patch we will see. Today was kinda a sad day for me. DH is now Deployed. He will be gone for over a year . I know that God is with him and Hubby is right where God wants him but I miss him so. Soo in thought... God is always with both of us and will keep both of us right in His Will.

Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Finished ..at last!!

I finally finished this quilt. It has been a safety pined-based quilt for about 3 years. ugh ugh. It was a round robin from one of my groups and it has taken me forever to quilt it!!! Finally done.

I think it turned out good. It is queen size .. well rather a large queen almost a king.

Yesterday I made this cute little outfit. It is really cute on one of my friends little daughters. I am thinking of asking her to model it for my store. Here is a preview look at it.

The top has a great little scarf that tuckes in loops on the shoulders.

Monday, February 11, 2008


Well I slept in late today. That really messes up what I wanted to do but with the meds that happenes sometimes.
I went to quilt guild tonight to show the group what their Feb BOM was. It is a real fun basket. And you make 2 at the same time. The basket block looks like this.And then you make the handle block that looks like this.
And then you can put them together and you will get 2 blocks that look like this. I am also showing one that has some applique.

I have one RR in Crazy Quilting that I am trying to make up my mind what I am going to do. It needs to be beaded soo am not sure. Maybe I will start it tomarrow.

Sunday, February 10, 2008

Got a few things done

Well no pic for today. Yesterday we went to the Alamo in
SanAntonio. I love the History and the place. I got a lot of pics but now I have to download them. We went to the wax muesum too. My legs were killing me when we left. ( I forgot and left my meds at home.... bad Idea!)

Today I put 13 more items in my online store, and Dyed my hair.
Now that was an adventure. It is the 1st time I have dyed it by my self. It took 3 boxes of dye!!! I guess that is what I get for having waist length hair but I like it. And I did a good job if I do say so myself!!

I also got a lot of the links and stuff on here so they will be easier to find.

I worked on an applique block.... Almost done. I will have pics on it soon.
I also started the almost impossable task of organizing my pics ... with a digital camera my pics are well to say the least...... needing to be organized!!!!

Friday, February 8, 2008

Catching up

Well I now have a new laptop. My Desktop was slowing dying and would not let me post any pictures so this is much better.

This is my addition to what I did to Tami's block in Green Garden ( Green Peas)

This is what I started for another RR I am in ... It is to be a Beaded RR. That will be the 1st time I have done one of those!! I got excited and beaded one of the fans and put flowers on the fan blades.
Another new thing is that I started an online store. I am adding things as I go. Have a lot of more Items to add but have to have fun of creating too so I only add a few items at a time. Well off to bed for tonight.