Thursday, January 3, 2008

well working

Well this is soo far no pics.
Yesterday I finished a outfit I was working on.
Today I was wishing there was more of me!!! I am setting up a RR in my crazy quilting group. I thought I would be lucky if there would be enough to fill one group... well I was wrong.....
3 groups are full!!!!!! Pics and details will follow on that one.
I got a little bit of regular quilting done and a block cut out.
I am looking forward to sitting down and doing my crazy quilting that I do in the evenings.

Wednesday, January 2, 2008

A new year... A new chance

Ok I admit it I am one of the worst at blogging!!! I even had another blog and forgot to get into it.ooooops.
Well in 2008 I want to try this again.
I am going to try and use this as a sort of a diary-log thing so I can see what I can really get done in a day. I know somedays are going to be better then others but here is a start at least. I am even going to try and some pics too but that will be maybe in the next post.
In the next post I will write what all I got done today...