Friday, March 13, 2009

A finish, A new and A blue

Here is a new project. It will be taking me quite a while I am sure to make it. I am wanting a twin size crazy quilt so this is the 1st block. I am not sure why I want one that big but I do. I think it will make a nice wall covering and a nice conversation piece.

Here is my Blue block for the Royal Blue Group in Crazy Quilting for Newbies group. That is one Huge RR. I am the hostess and there are 36.. yes I said 36 ladies in 6 groups. So far it is running very well I am proud to say. My block has a blue bow and a Blue Beaded seam treatment that didn't show up in the picture.

Here is my latest finish. It is a twin size and the 1st one that I did on my short arm quilting machine. Shirlene ( a friend of mine here in TX) gave the top to me cause she said it had tooo much purple. I am one that says you cannot have too much purple sooo I am feeling like I am the lucky one.

Here is the Sunbonnet Sue that is going to Sandy in the QATW group. The theme was April Showers so of course I had to make her with an umprella to keep her dry . I like the way it turned out.