Monday, January 5, 2009

more yellows.

This is Dalette's block of the Yellows for the Crazy Quilting for Newbies group on yahoo. I was the 2nd person to work on the block. It has 2 more people to go before it goes home to Dalette. I made her a flock of butterflies in the bottom corner patch. Above that I made a couple of button flowers. I also made the lace and button butterfly. There are 2 seam treatments that I worked on. One is under the button flowers and the other one is the one that had the gold dragon fly across it.

This next block belongs to Angela in the yellows swap. It is going home to her.
I was the last person to work on it. I made her some button flowers. and then filled the gold patch ( below the shiney one) with yellow french knots. I also did the feather/bead seam on the left and the half wheel button hole stitch at the bottom ( it doesn'd show up good in the picture.)

This block is Tami's block. It will be going to Hideko in Japan. It is from the Crazy Quilting International group. I was the 2nd person that worked on this block. I made a climbing rose bush in the bright pink patch. There is a beaded Rose ( looks white in the picture) in the bottom left corner. Above the rose I made a woven ribbon seam treatment. Above that on the teal patch I put a bit of white lace. I beaded some of that with pink beads. Another seam treatment that is not showing up good is a fan one that has pink beads in the centers.

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Floristic said...

The work on the yellow blocks are gorgeous. What color do you think will be next.