Wednesday, September 2, 2009

February Block

Ok I tried to post and the computer ate it I think so here I go again. I have not posted for a long time but here is the 2nd block of my large crazy quilt. Of Course the month is February. The center says." Heaven and Earth shall pass away, but MY words shall not pass away. I have almost all the seams finished. After I finish them I will be starting on the patches. I am thinking that a few of the patches I will not "fancy up" cause I love the fabric. One is the yellow oriental patch above the orange patch. Another is the one that has the "ferns". Also the purple patch at the top of the block.

This the final on the January block. At the top I finished with a counted cross stitch Humming Bird over a Flower. I worked the design over waste canvas then took the threads out of the waste canvas. I love the design but it took a long time to work up. I might do more cross stitch on some of the other blocks we will see.
This is Kathy Shaw's block from the Royal Blue group of the Crazy Quilting for Newbies. This is the final stop befor the block goes home to Kathy. I worked the gathered ribbon with the buttons, the paisley, the knoted seam treatments at the bottom with the daisy type flower. I also worked a seamtreatment below the lace but it doesn't show up too good. I hope Kathy likes what I did to her block.

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