Friday, February 26, 2010

Got some work done

Here is a book cover that I have started. It is for the Celtic RR that I am in . It is for the Crazy Quilting International group. I have done the "binding" as my part. I am hoping to make this as a book cover for my Hubby as he is Celtic and I think this will be wonderful for him. I have ask for no beads and to think in "manly" colors. I am sure it will be wonderful when I get it back.

Here is Violet's Red block in the CrazyQuilting for Newbies group. My camera doesn't like the color Red for some reason. I was not able to get good pictures but I worked on the top patch with the crochet flowers. Under the crochet flowers there is button hole seam treatment with little lazy daisy flowers. also in the center block I made a "folk Art" type group of flowers for Violet. also I put the red braid on a seam with tiny red seed beads. I hope Violet likes what I have done to her red block. Now it is on its way to Kathleen in England.

Wow this project is a book cover that a lady here wanted me to make for her. She wanted the base colors to be Bright Pink and Bright Orange!! Those colors together is very hard for me but I do like how the cover turned out. This is the back. The flower in the left corner I beaded with green beads on the leaves and pink and orange beads on the flower part.

Sorry I shook a little when I was taking this picture. This is the front of the book cover.
the Letters are CTR. That stands for Choose The Right.
The top right corner has a orange Tatted Butterfly. In the bottom Right corner is a Spider web. In Victorian Days the spider and spider web is symbols for good luck. The
spider is two lazy daisy stitches with tiny legs.

And here is the book cover layed out flat so all the details can be seen. In the center is three hearts that are intertwined. The lace on the top pink patch and the flowe lace with the beads I hand dyed.


Karen said...

WOW!! The orange and pink book cover turned out gorgeous! Who would have thought?? It sounds awful but looks great!!

katiejayinpa said...

i think your work is awesome...the Celtic rr is really good looking. The red sure is red! lol......all the work you did i like a lot....especially the crochet! The ornage and bright pink is right up my won't say they are "my" colors as I like all the colors and some combinations better than others, but these two are great together. What a fantastic job you did of embellishing and balancing the patches!

Wilma said...

The book covers look great, I love the bold orange and pink together!

Quayceetatter said...

Nice stitching on the book cover and love the colors...Nice crochet work on the block as well as the stitching...
Linda M in NM

Bear said...

wowee the colour s are beautiful together- I think the lady is going to be so happy with this I know I would be its BEAUTIFUL
love nhugs bear xoxoxoxoxps good uck with the sownsizing I do not envy you at all
oxoxoxo LOL