Tuesday, February 2, 2010

February finished, March started and Reds

Hi all.
I know I am wayy behind in posting. Here is the February block all finished for my big project. The special things on this block are. The red and white trim on the red patch. That trim came from Norway. If I remember right ( and please forgive if I am not right) Ati gave that to me.
The Blue patch says Patience and the Pink block says "Love Suffereth long." Patience is one of the fruits of the Spirit of God and of course "Love suffereth long is part of 1st Cor. chapter 13. On the rest of the block will be the rest of the true meaning of Love.

Here is the start of the March block. So far it is still a Nekkid block . On the cream patch it says "Love Envieth not" and on a patch that I don't have appliqued on yet it will say " Love rejoiceth in the truth". I am not sure what verse I will put in the middle yet but I am sure it will come to me when I am ready to work on that patch.

Here is My Red block for the Red color study for the CQforNewbies group. There are a couple of trims on there that are not showing up. There is a red braid on the seam above the crochet rose. The rose is really a terra-Cotta red and not pink as it looks in the picture. Also in the bottom left corner there is a spider web complete with a spider. This block now will be mailed off to Kathleen in England for her to work on next.
As some of you now know I now have a service dog in training to help with some of my disabilities. Sally has her own blog if you all would like to take a peek here is the link. sallytheservicedog.blogspot.com I am not sure how to make the link active on here so you might have to do a copy paste.

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katiejayinpa said...

Great looking block! love those vibrant colors and all the printing that you have on it.