Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Yellow RR Blocks

This block belongs to Kathleen in the UK. She did the wonderful flowers on the right side. I thought and thought put the lace on the left side on the gold block.

Then on Kathleen's block I made her huge K and then put 3 ribbon roses on the side of the K.. I hope she likes it .

This next block belongs to Chris in Billings MT. She had the cute bow in the center. I added the vine/flowers on the right side. Also the gold rickrack.
Then in one corner I added a ribbon rose with a few ribbon rose buds. Cris... I hope you like what I have done. OOoh I also added the beaded seam treatment above the ribbon rose.

Now for this . This is a crochet block collection that I had from a swap that I did a long time ago. I attatched the blocks with white and then connected them with dark blue. It turned out bigger then I thought. I am thinking of maybe giving it to one of my Kids for Christmas... Maybe. On my Ribbon basket that I showed on a earlier post. Well it was not what the judges wanted... BUT I got a Honorable Mention for another Crazy Piece that I had put in. I was happy to get it. It was a shock but I thought it was great.

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Lori said...

Love the shades of yellow you used! and I am sure she will love the roses on the K..thank you.