Wednesday, May 7, 2008

A Ufo finished!!!

Here is my kitty quilt. It is " sane" quilting I know but it is a finished quilt. This makes quilt #3 finished for this year. It reaches from edge to edge on a queen bed. And looking in the left overs I found that I had enough for an other quilt. So another kitty quilt is in the proccess of being done. I have no idea of what size the next one will turn out to be.

This is a crazy quilt block I am working on for a wall hanging. I still have a lot to do but thought that I would post it on here. you can see the work " in progress" in the bottom corner. And I have to get "leaves" on those flowers!! Other wise not sure yet what all I will do.

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Gerry said...

Really nice work, Rebecca. The cat quilt is really neat.