Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Well here is the last step of Linda's Song Block. I really hope she likes What I did. My part was the three red roses at the bottom of her "Song" and the White lace. The White lace reminded me of Angel wings and it fit sooo that is what I put on. In the Red patch ( in doesn't show up in the picture) I also put a ribbon spider web rose with a celtic cross charm. I thought it fit with her theme really well The Block is soo pretty. Linday I hope you like. Now I am dreaming of what my block will look like when it comes home!!

This block is JK's for Green Garden. I did two seam treatments that are not showing up in the picture. I did them with fine Green thread and the picture is just not picking them up. For my "patch" I appliqued you a light green "basket" and then of course I had to fill the basket with green yarn balls. OOOh and coming out of one of the green balls is some green thread and a green needle and of course. Tiny green scissors!!!
Now for an apology. I have been soo busy lately ( for about 2 weeks) that I could not even hardly breathe. I am sorry about not blogging or posting much. Some times being mom and dad and go for this and do that while the deployment get a bit much I think but God is still in Charge and is Wonderful and gives me strength for every day

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Lori said...

I am sure the ladies will love these blocks! Love the basket on JKs with the yarn and scissors, and Linda's YFS block is great! Can't wait to get mine back either! Great job Rebecca, and I am sure you are doing great as Mom and Dad and prayers go out to you!
Thank your husband for me when you get a chance.
Lori K